Meet Michael Smith and Lucio Romero

Meet Michael Smith and Lucio Romero. Lucio has been training for the Rock and Roll Marathon in Seattle Washington to be held June 26 but when one of his training partners was sent to Afghanistan, he felt pretty sure he could complete the programme with his other training partner. But when his other training partner had to do emergency surgery and quit the programme, Lucio was facing the prospect of some lonely long runs.

Michael, realizing the predicament, has come to the rescue and run a 19 miler and two 20 milers with Lucio. Now Michael is not in training for any race! But this is the spirit of support and friendship that the Jamdammer family is known for. From different worlds, Michael, a food distributor and Lucio, Treasurer of a major Bank, have forged a friendship based on running. Michael debuted at the local Sigma 5K in 2009 followed in rapid fire succession by Reggae Half Marathon (2009), Toronto Marathon Sep 2010, New York Marathon in Nov. 2010, and Miami Half Jan 2011. Lucio started running seriously when he joined the Jamdammers two years ago. They both attribute their marathon achievements to the Jamdammers. According to Lucio, the only reason he was able to complete the 3 marathons he has under his belt, has been the support of the Jamdammers. Says he, "if it weren't for the Jamdammers I didn't know I had that in me!"