2010 Marine Corps Marathon

Jamdammers made a full circle and went back to where it began as we took to Washington D.C. for the Marine Corps Marathon to commemorate our 15th Anniversary as a club. For many, it was the first and some say the last, but we've heard that before! By the time we got back to Kingston, plans were already being formulated for the next Marathon!

2006 Boston Marathon

A posse of Jamdammers attended and participated in the Boston marathon in 2006. Including Gina, Anna Kay, Chrissy, Richard an others. Boston a bloom with cherry blossoms was exciting and rewarding for the Jamdammers that made this trip. Craig and Chrissy were a part of crew for on the this trip.

2005 Baltimore Marathon

Baltimore Marathon 2005 October 15, almost 2500 people competed including eighteen Jamdammers. It was the 18th Baltimore marathon and many spectators lined the city streets. The course is very nice with moderate hills and inclines to keep it challenging but not unbearable. Most runners really enjoy running through the various neighborhoods and Clifton Park, especially the big 2-mile circle right in the middle of the race. Also, the crowd support is the best many have seen in a long time, especially at the end as you near the baseball stadium.