Running experiences in Kosovo (or lack thereof) by Melvin Asin

The running shoes complain. They do not nearly get as much action as in Jamaica. That has to do with the different and less favorable surroundings. You may not be aware, but the Kosovars are not used to runners on the asphalt. At best I would cause accidents and most probably I would be involved in one. So definitely a no no. The Germia park where runners can roam more freely is a 10 minutes drive. However, the heavy traffic during weekdays (early morning and late afternoon) means that it's only a possibility during the weekend.

And you have to stay ON beaten path (photo 1). And yes, there is such a thing as Jamaican winter. However, that usually does not involve subzero temperatures (Celsius). But it is not all bad news. During summer, it is possible to run in daylight at nine o'clock in the evening. And during spring and fall you can have your run after seven o' clock in the morning without melting away. However, after balancing the pro's and con's: it is a clear yes. Yes, I do miss the grass on the golf course, wet with morning dew; the barking dogs along Russell Heights and even the occasional early morning whiff of ganja coming from the guards along Norbrook.

Obviously, the biggest difference is that I have not been able to secure anything which even resembles the Jamdammers. And this lack of comraderie clearly mashes up my running (rhythm). But I have to face up to reality: no new gossip on the way down Russell Heights and no early- risers on your side chatting you awake. I try to remain active: getting a few runs in, playing some tennis, hitting the gym once in a while and even doing the occasional hike. But old habits die hard and I carry the Garmin wherever we go (photo 2).

Missing you guys. Take care, - Melvin