ABOUT Hosting Check List

If you are unable to host a run on your scheduled date, discuss with your host partner and make arrangements with another hosting team to switch dates. Email to Executive at club@jamdammers.com to advise of any changes.

Before the Run

Contact co-host to discuss run route/location, course crew, breakfast, other requirements. Identify the hosts of the preceding run to arrange for equipment (4 coolers, 2 coffee urns, 1 first aid kit, guest arm bands) to be collected.

Measure route and identify water stops every 2-miles. Out & back routes are recommended as they are easier to manage. Club runs are usually 10-miles. If the 2 mile mark is not appropriate for the water stop for any reason, find the nearest point to set up and note the actual mileage.

Fill out and email run template to Executive at club@jamdammers.com no later than the Sunday before your run. Note any special instructions re:parking, start time, directions, etc.

Identify water angels and sweepers. Your will need at least one person per water stop and 2 sweepers for an out/back 10-mile course. Be security conscious when deciding on who to assign which role.

Discuss the run route and exchange cellular numbers ahead of the run. Sweepers must monitor the progress of the groups and pay special attention to those individuals separated from the pack.

Purchase supplies. You are expectec to provide light refreshments, which typically include water, juice, coffee and fruit. Additional breakfast items may be provided at your discretion.

On the Day

Prepare the coolers with ice and extra water (one gallon per water stop should be sufficient). Review route and water stop locations with runners

Find out if anybody plans to walk or do more/less mileage and advise sweepers. Identify guests and provide them with arm bands.

Remind members that they are responsible for their guests. Members are expected to ask your permission to bring a guest to your run.

Collect car keys Do a head count

Start the run. Dispatch water angels and sweepers. Get ready. Expect lead runners to finish at a 7-mile/minute pace. Ensure that car keys are available, bathrooms accessible and light refreshments (water, juice, coffee, fruit) are in place. Enjoy!

Important Reminder - Guests

From time to time, we wish to invite friends to a Saturday run to share the experience, expecially if we feel that they may one day become productive members themselves. This is encouraged by the club's policies with a few conditions:

Seek permission to bring a guest from the hosts so that they can plan accordingly. Limit the amount of times you bring a guest. If your guest is interested in membership, advise him/her to talk to a member of the executive or membership committee about the application process.

You Are Responsible for Your Guests

Introduce him/her to the hosts prior to the run, advise him/her of the road rules and stay with (run/walk) your guest. Thank you for your cooperation!