ABOUT The Jamdammers Running Club of Kingston

Jamdammers are like Jamaica's motto, "Out of many, one people". What started as a loose collection of runners at Kingston's local reservoir (affectionately called "The Dam") in June 1995, became a club, the "Jamdammers". Founding members included a bank CEO, a Rastafarian businessman, a real estate executive, a layout designer, a grocer, a Guyanese economist, a former Peace Corps volunteer, a French diplomat and others — all of whom discovered the wonder of running and the benefits of maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.

The Jamdammers have come a long way. With over 100 members, we now boast our own web site, a weekly newsletter and have established ourselves as the leading running club in Jamaica through the organisation of at least 10 road races each year and the establishment of the Jamdammers Grand Prix series and the annual hosts of The Reggae Marathon in Negril. The inaugural Grand Prix series in 2000, refocused sponsorship and media attention to local road racing, awarded over $300,000 in prize money and contributed more than $1m towards road racing.

In keeping with the Club's overall goal to bring Jamaican middle and long distance running to world-class prominence, we have embarked upon a multifaceted program to exploit the island's rich resources of athletic talent and attractive race venues.

With the support of its formidable and talented members, the Club has established a reputation of successfully executing and managing events while fostering healthy life habits, excellence and personal bests among its members.